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Bedtime Stories:

The Big Bad Wolf It's Christmas!!!



Bedtime stories: The Big Bad Wolf



Bedtime Story #2


'The Big Bad Wolf'



Once upon a time there were three little piglets. Yes, that’s right – three little


piglets. You see, they never grew up to become adult pigs, for the big bad wolf


happened to pass by...


three little pigs



One lovely sunny day, the big bad wolf discovered the whereabouts of the three


little piglets’ houses, and going over to each one in turn, the one made of straw,


the one made of wood, and the one made of bricks, he huffed and he puffed and


he huffed all over again, until each of the three house had been blown to





Then, one by one, he ate the frightened little piglets until they were


all gone. And that was the end of the three little piglets – and they never, ever had


a chance to grow up.




Pardon? You want to know how the wolf managed to blow over the house made


of bricks? Huh, that's easy to explain - he was a enormously BIG wolf. Anymore





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