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Alice in Wonderland on Top of the World The Witches Harry Rotter Jimmy, The Glue Factory and Mad Mr Viscous Horrible Horace Stories for Boys The Fog

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ebooks for children
ebooks for kids

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I am Gerrard T Wilson, the crazymad writer, and I am using this, my website, as a portfolio of my work. It is a window to my eccentric, bonkers, crazymad world of creative writing.

Although my works are primarily aimed at children, adults can and, indeed do, read them with as much interest. I like to think that my work has a universal appeal, spanning

the generations. Within this site you will find a variety of stories: 'Tales of the Extraordinary' (short stories with a unique, sometimes chilling appeal, including, amongst

others, ‘Ali-bonkers’,‘Fizzy Cherry Cola’, and ‘The Witches’), also 'Forget the Celebrities –Read about My Crazymad Life' (weird and bizarre tales from my absolutely

crazy-mad life), ‘Alice in Wonderland on Top of the Wolrd, ‘HARRY ROTTER (she has lost her Magical Marbles),  and ‘Jimmy, the Glue Factory and Mad Mr Viscous’.

I have also included ‘Nursery Rhymes – MY WAY', ‘My CRAZYMAD Poems’ (a collection of strange, oddball, oftentimes bizarre poems including

‘Are you Normal?’, ‘Conkers Bonkers’, ‘Louco’s Preferred Drink’, ‘Sparky Parents’ , and ‘I’m NOT Mad’). There is also ‘Bolf’ (a Troll whose

idea of a having good time is eating empty cigarette packets!). You will also read about 'Fle' (an extremely old elf who lives in a

fertiliser mine), ‘Fairy Tales’ including 'The Three Faerie Sisters', the 'Little Brown Frog', and 'A Christmas Story'. Next up is

‘God, dog and Beelzebub’ (what (what on earth can that be about?), 'Greengrocer Jack and the Talking Cabbages'

(trying to stop a giant Yam from taking over the world), 'Poor Jane’ , and ‘A Punt across the Thames’(I almost

drowned that day!). Last, but certainly not least, I have included ‘Wot, Nott, Kakuri and the HU BA HOU’, a

a series (three quadrilogies) featuring the oddball Outlanders, Wot and Nott. There are also free screensavers that

you can download and numerous games you can play. So, sit back, relax and enjoy yourself. And if you like it, my CRAZYMAD website,

you can always send me an email, saying so. A note: There are some secret,, hidden pages within my website. Do you think you can find them?

An extra note: Instead of giving your child that extra toy this Christmas, why not give them a book? Preferebly one of mine,

I am sure they will remember it long after their toys are abandoned at the back of that dusty old wardrobe.

Signed: the Crazy-Mad Writer.

Perhaps the best children's stories in the world .

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My stories are famous, the whole world can see, that people are reading my stories - you’ll agree. Celebrity evens and those in awed hush are falling over each other, so much is the rush,

the rush to go buy them, to see how they pan out, Alice and Rotter, Jimmy and Mouse, God and the devil, and three sisters, so free, Wot, Nott and Kakuri, and HU BA HOU’Y. But amidst this

euphoria one thing is quite clear, no one can imitate my crazy-mad career. People quite famous are reading them now, Malia Obama and Fergie, so proud. Michael O’Leary and Sarah Brightman also.

Reporters and editors from television and radio. Elizabeth of England has a copy of her own, I hear that she reads it while seated on her throne. The person most famous, I think you’ll agree,

Richard Branson of VIRGIN, has a copy or three. To finish this ditty I’ll say this to you, go purchase my books; join this elite group.